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Skylark Medical Billing & Collections believes that every practice deserves quality billing services and a partnership they can count on. We work diligently to offer better services and to out-perform the competition. 

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Third party collections is an integral part of any practice. Our collections rate is second to none and we take our client’s reimbursement rates very seriously.

Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims for missing or unidentifiable information; so, we review each claim meticulously to ensure proper reimbursement.

Our collections team understands that revenue is the driving force of any business and that is our top priority.

We work directly with our practices to establish a protocol for patient collections as well.

Many times, patients have an out of pocket expense per their health insurance plan due to deductible, co-pay and/or co-insurance and we send out monthly statements or arrange payment plans for your patients to remit payment.

We also work directly with medical lenders and finance companies to establish cash plans for non-covered charges.

Skylark Medical Billing can assist its customers with medical billing collections by providing a comprehensive range of services. First, the company can work with healthcare providers to establish effective collection policies and procedures, such as offering payment plans, sending reminders to patients, and pursuing delinquent accounts. This can help customers improve their collections rates, reduce bad debt, and improve their overall financial performance.

Secondly, Skylark Medical Billing can leverage its expertise in medical billing to ensure that all claims are properly submitted and tracked, and that all payments are accurately recorded and reconciled. The team can monitor the status of submitted claims, follow up on any rejected or denied claims, and work with insurance companies to resolve any billing issues that may arise. This can help customers maximize their revenue, reduce their expenses, and improve their cash flow.

Finally, Skylark Medical Billing can provide customers with regular reports and analytics on their medical billing collections performance. The company can offer customized reports that provide insights into collections trends, billing patterns, and other key metrics. This can help customers identify areas for improvement, make informed business decisions, and optimize their collections operations over time. By leveraging advanced reporting and analytics tools, Skylark Medical Billing can help its customers achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and success in their medical billing collections operations.

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