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Enrollment and contracting with third-party payers can be daunting. Approval for participation in the networks can take up to 120 days when done correctly; and what most providers do not realize is that the slightest error, including unintentional omission of information, can cause an application to be rejected. This can lead to loss in revenue and patients. We understand the requirements for provider enrollment and our policy is to track applications throughout the credentialing process and provide real time updates to our providers. Let us remove the uncertainty that comes with enrollment.

Skylark Medical Billing can assist its customers with medical billing credentialing by offering a range of services to healthcare providers seeking to become credentialed with insurance companies. The company can help clients understand the credentialing process and requirements, gather all necessary documentation, and submit their applications to insurance companies in a timely manner. This can help customers become credentialed more quickly and efficiently, allowing them to begin billing for their services and start generating revenue.

Secondly, Skylark Medical Billing can monitor the status of credentialing applications and follow up with insurance companies to ensure timely approvals. The team can work with healthcare providers to address any issues that may arise during the credentialing process, such as missing documentation or incomplete applications. This can help customers avoid lengthy delays and ensure that they are able to bill for their services as soon as possible.

Finally, Skylark Medical Billing can provide customers with ongoing support and guidance throughout the credentialing process. The company can assign a dedicated credentialing specialist to each client, who can answer questions, provide updates, and offer advice on best practices for maintaining their credentials over time. This can help customers maintain their eligibility to bill for services, stay up-to-date with changing requirements, and maximize their revenue potential over the long term. By offering personalized support and leveraging its expertise in medical billing credentialing, Skylark Medical Billing can help its customers achieve greater success and profitability in their healthcare operations.

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